How to earn money from Facebook(META) in 2022?

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What is Facebook(META)?

How to earn money from Facebook(META) in 2021?


Facebook(META) is a social media site where you’ll connect with the people of the entire world and chat with them. Earlier, only a few people used Facebook(META), but as soon as jio mobile gave free internet everywhere in the country, people started visiting every kind of internet site, and therefore the number of internet users increased. In the language of the web, Facebook(META) could be a social media site where many folks interact with one another by creating their accounts. within the period, we were accustomed talk only, but now together with conversation, we use advanced features like video calls, phone calls.

Now you need to be wondering who started such an honest website, then I would like to inform you that Mark Zuckerberg started it very hard in 2004 at Harvard University. Let me tell you another interesting piece of information that Facebook(META) has pledged with 40 countries including India to supply free mobile internet in order that everyone will use its website and solve their problems.

This service is offered on Reliance Communications and Videocon Mobile in India. Now you need to have understood that Facebook(META) isn’t just an internet site, it’s a corporation that has made its mark everywhere on the planet.


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What is Facebook(META) page?

Facebook(META) Page is a complicated facility given by Facebook(META) to its account holders, during which Facebook(META) users can add unlimited friends, while if they discuss Facebook(META), then it’s a limit of creating 5000 friends. except for this, if you’re a YouTuber, Blogger, a product runs in your market, there’s an organization, otherwise, you do digital marketing, social media marketing for any company otherwise you must advance your shop, business, then you have got a Facebook(META) together with the account, there should even be a Facebook(META) page.


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How to Create Facebook(META) Page?

If you furthermore may want to make a page on Facebook(META), then you’ve got to follow the steps given below. Do you have already got a Facebook(META) account, if not, then create a replacement Facebook(META) account and log in to your Facebook(META) account? login to Facebook(META) account

After logging in, click on the three-line menu option on the highest right, during which you’ll get the choice of Pages. Click on the Pages option, after which click on Create Page. Create Facebook(META) Page Now a replacement page will open within which you have got to click on Get Start.


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Facebook(META) page what Now you have got to settle on a reputation for your page, write what you wish to stay for your Facebook(META) page, and click on Next. type your Facebook(META) page name What you would like to try to do on this page, you may be asked, whatever kind of post you upload on your Facebook(META) page, select the category associated with it (like news, education, technology, etc.) Click on anybody and click on on.


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Next, select the category Facebook(META) page Now you may be asked to feature a website for your page, if you have got a website address, then enter it, if not, then tick the box below where it’s written I do not have an internet site. and click on the Next button. add a website to Facebook(META) page.

Now a page with Add A Profile Picture will open ahead of you, within which you’ve got to pick and upload a photo from a computer or mobile for your page, then upload the photo and click on the following button. Now by clicking on the choice Add a canopy Photo, choose a canopy photo for your page and upload it. add a photo on Facebook(META) page.


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Now invite your friends to follow your page. invite your friends to your Facebook(META) page Now you’re completely ready by becoming a Facebook(META) page and you’ll be able to upload the post on your Facebook(META) page.

How to earn money from Facebook(META)?

1. Affiliate Marketing

You must have seen that people nowadays prefer to order their favorite goods sitting at home. Although in India only a few people shop online now in the coming time more and more people would like to shop online.

There are many benefits of online shopping, so gradually people are leaning toward it. The companies that sell their goods online understand very well that the time to come will be for online shopping.

These companies are trying to sell their goods online in many ways. One of these methods is Affiliate Marketing. Through Affiliate Marketing, while the company also benefits that their products are easily sold, in return, the person doing Affiliate Marketing also gets a hefty commission.



Affiliate marketing can be understood in simple words with the help of an example. You must have heard the name of many such companies that sell their goods online. One of these companies is โ€“ Amazon.

If you are successful in selling any product on Amazon, then the company gives you a commission in return. Suppose you are successful in selling a shirt available on Amazon for Rs 500, then the company will give you about 10% commission (Rs 50) for it. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Now you must have come to know how to make money from your Facebook(META) page (How to make money from Facebook(META) page. When you share a link to a good and cheap product of Amazon or Flipkart on your Facebook(META) page, then some people will definitely buy that product through that link. When people buy that item from the link shared by you, then you will get its commission.


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2. Creating Your Own Website

This is the simplest thanks to earning money from Facebook(META) page. For this, you may need to create your own website. If you can’t create your own website, then we are going to facilitate your making an internet site.

When your website is made, whatever you write about your website, share it on your Facebook(META) page. With this, folks that are connected to your Facebook(META) page are able to read that post on your website. after they read that post, they’ll also get to determine some ads therein post. a number of them will click on those ads, and you may get money. How to make money from Facebook(META)


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This can be understood through an example. Suppose you’ve got a Facebook(META)ย  page โ€“ SHAILENDER SHARMA PAGE, to which one lakh people are connected. you furthermore might have a website of an identical name.

You write a piece of writing on your website. Now you share this text on your Facebook(META) page. once you share your post on Facebook(META) page, then your post is visible to at least one lakh people. If rather than one lakh, only 50 thousand people attend your website to read that post, then this number is not any less.

Now out of fifty thousand, there’ll be a minimum of 10 thousand folks that will read that post thoroughly. When these 10000 people will read your post completely then they’ll get to determine many ads. Out of these 10000 people, there must be a minimum of 100 that will click on those ads. the dollar is easily available on 10 clicks on the website, then 100 clicks become 10 dollars, which means about 600 rupees a day, 18000 rupees a month.

This means that you can easily earn 20000 rupees a month through your Facebook(META) (META) page sitting at home.



3. By sharing links to posts on other’s websitesย 

This way to earn money from Facebook(META) page is for those people who cannot make their website. Even if you cannot create your website, you can still earn money from Facebook(META page. There are many websites that want you to share a link to their website on their Facebook(META) page. When you share the link of their post on your Facebook(META) page, they pay you for this. For this, at least one lakh people should be connected on your Facebook(META) page.


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  • What is Facebook(META)?
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  • How to Create Facebook(META) Page?
  • How to earn money from Facebook(META)?


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