How To Transfer Your Blogger Post On WordPress.

How To Transfer Your Blogger Post On WordPress.

If you have also created your own Blog or Website on Blogger and want to move it to WordPress, then I am going to tell the whole process in this article, how to transfer your blog to WordPress.

First of all, it is important to know that why should you move your blog to WordPress?  When our blog starts running well in Google and Traffic also starts getting good on it, then it will be right to move your blog to WordPress.  There you can design your blog in a better way and give it the look of a professional website so that our viewers will feel that it is a very big website.  Due to this, our blog will run better and earnings will also be more.

Now it comes that, earning is also done from Blogger, then why transfer the blog to WordPress?  We have to publish the article there too.  Adsense also earns well on our blog and on WordPress too, both have the same work, then why a blogger wants to move his blog to WordPress.  So the answer is quite simple that whatever blog/website we create on blogger, we have to design or work on our blog or website within some limitation.  In this, you can not do any plugin of your own free will, which button to place in which part of the blog or website, no option is available in blogger, whereas in WordPress any plugin of your own free will any part of the blog or website.  can put in  Hundreds of themes that are already present on WordPress and if needed, you can download any theme from this and install it on your website.

WordPress has the option of installing a variety of plugins related to SEO so that we can get our website running very soon in Google, whereas nothing like this is given in Blogger.

Most importantly, the option to control the ads of Google Adsense also remains in WordPress.  With which we can show ads to anyone visiting in our website only once or twice in a day.  After visiting our website more than twice, he will not have an ad show.  The biggest advantage of this is that there is no risk of Invalid Click and our Adsense account is also completely safe.  Whereas there is no such option in blogger so that we can control our Adsense ads.  Due to this, there is a risk of Invalid Click, in this case, our Adsense account can also be closed.

In today’s time, all the big blogs or websites are made on WordPress only because there are all the tools to design your website in any way.

It is possible to create any kind of website or blog on WordPress, be it a movie website, downloading website, music website, or even a blog, whatever look we can give to our website on WordPress. If you like the article then flow the blog from your e-mail.

How to transfer your blog to WordPress

If you have made your blog on blogger and you have put a post on it and traffic is also coming well, then you will transfer your blog to WordPress by following these steps, then your blog will be transferred to secure WordPress and your  There will be no effect on the audience either.

Follow these steps –

Step 1–Go to the Settings of your blogger’s dashboard, scroll down and go to Manage blog, and select Backup Content from here.  This will download the backup of your blog to your system (mobile or computer).

Step 2-Now go to the dashboard of WordPress and select Tools, from here click on Import, the blogger option will be at the top, select it.

Now select Run Importer, then click on Choose File and upload Blogger’s backup from your system here.

Step 3–After the backup is uploaded, you will be asked to enter the name of the blog.  Here type the name of your blog, then type the name of the admin, and save it.  Your blog is on WordPress.

 After following these steps, you must follow some steps.

This is done, how to transfer your blog from blogger to WordPress, but if your old visitors click on any of your old links, then nothing will be shown there, so to bring them directly to your WordPress blog.

Follow these steps –

Step 1–Go to the WordPress Dashboard, click on Settings, then select General and select your Time Zone and click on Save.  The Time Zone of India is +5:30.

Step 2– Now go to Plugin and click on Add New.  Here the search box will appear, type blogger to WordPress and search, then install and activate the plugin related to it.

Step 3–Go to the Tools of WordPress Dashboard and click on Blog to WordPress Redirection, then click on Start ConfigurationThe name of the blog you have transferred to WordPress will be shown to you.  Now Click on Get Code.

Step 4–Copy the code in full!  Now go to blogger and click on Theme.  Edit HTML and delete the entire code from here, then paste the copied code here and save it.

Step 5–Now come back to WordPress and click on Verify Configuration.  Now to check whether this redirect has happened on WordPress or not, go back to your blogger and click on View blog.  From here you will see that your blog has been redirected directly to WordPress.

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