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Sammathame Telugu Film Cast

SammathameTelugu Movie Review
CastKiran Abbavaram
Chandini Chowdary
DirectionGopinath Reddy
MusicSekhar Chandra

Sammathame Telugu Movie Rating

Audience rating summary 4.7

Sammathame Telugu Movie Review

Sammathame Telugu Film Review:- Love can be something peculiar that one can’t leave, for some time. Sammathamay, a Telugu metropolitan sentiment composed and coordinated by Gopinath Reddy, investigates what happens when a free lady encounters a man who attempts to cause her to adjust to her lifestyle.

She attempts to confront and evade the cutoff points drawn by her, just to understand that she is as of now not her actual self. The tale of Gopinath portrays the numerous people we see around us.

He gets circumstances that are near the real world, meshes them into his story, and advises men to grow up to acknowledge the person for what her identity is. He does it through content that main interests him every so often.

Sammathame Movie Story

Krishna (Kiran Abbavaram) is an unassuming community kid who grows up feeling vacancy in the wake of losing his mom. This programmer’s only objective is to wed a lady who will make up for that shortcoming.

At the point when he moves to Hyderabad and goes gaga for Saanvi (Chandini Choudhary), who loves spending time with a blended gathering of companions and wouldn’t fret a beverage or two, struggle follows.

Krishna’s personality is made like an individual who isn’t in line with his general surroundings. He feels the principal deluge of sentiment for Saanvi during Pelli Choopulu when he discovers that she has been enamored previously.

The numerous Peli chopulas that occur before Krishna understands that his heart is set on Saanvi’s account for humor. That is the point at which he is compelled to change his most memorable decision that the young lady he needs to wed shouldn’t have recently adored any other individual.

Kiran Abbavaram fits the piece of Krishna that safeguards his woman and ultimately turns out to be excessively possessive and choking for her solace. This is a person who doesn’t know better and hasn’t been enlivened to check the master plan out.

When the characters of Krishna and Saanvi are portrayed, Sammathame continues along an anticipated way. Kiran and Chandini are great however the story doesn’t fill them enough that they need to grab.

After a point, the turbulent sentiment becomes to no end. Shekhar Chandra’s music is snappy in a portion of the melodies and Satheesh Reddy’s camera gives an unpretentious try to please sentiment.

Krishna is set on supplanting Saanvi, whom he accepts to be Satyabhama, as a Radha who blends with him, going on for quite a while until he’s a more seasoned, savvier father (Goparaju Raman shows up as Kiran’s dad). are persuasive in) some are reasonable. Him.

Sammathame Telugu Film:-The film likewise needs thoughts and presents an episode including Sapthagiri and Mottai Rajendran that is more irritating than humor.


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