Amazon to launch first of its Kuiper Internet satellites on ULA rocket

The first two satellites of Amazon's space-based Internet constellation will be launched early next year on the maiden flight of a new rocket

Amazon's space-based Internet planetarium is being developed by one of the largest contractors of the US Space Force.

In an announcement Wednesday, Amazon said it will take a ride on the new Vulcan rocket being developed by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Amazon has received permission from the Federal Communications Commission to install 3,236 satellites

It helps connect people without easy access to broadband, as it seeks to compete with SpaceX's Starlink system.

Biedl said Amazon now has 1,000 people working on the project as it seeks to grab a share of the lucrative Internet market in the space.

"This is an absolutely critical program for the company," he said, adding that "there are over a billion people on Earth without reliable broadband."

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