What is a democracy? Definition, history, meaning, merits, and demerits 2022

What is a democracy, why democracy is important, what is a democracy, the importance of democracy, types of democracy, the meaning of democracy, the definition of democracy, and what is democracy. Definition, history, meaning, merits, and demerits 2022

What is a democracy, why democracy is important, what is a democracy, the importance of democracy, types of democracy, the meaning of democracy, the definition of democracy, and what is democracy. Definition, history, meaning, merits, and demerits 2022

What is a democracy – Why democracy is important?

The English synonym of democracy, ‘Democracy‘, is made up of two words from the Greek language ‘Demos and Cretia. Which means “power to rule”. In this way, democracy can be called that system of governance in which people participate in some form of governance, many definitions of democracy have been given by different scholars, and some of the main ones are as follows.

According to Abraham Lincoln

Democracy is of the people for the people and by the people According to Sile – Democracy is the form of government in which every person is a part of the part According to Lord Bryce – ” From the time of Herodotus, democracy means that government It is understood from the system that the power of governance of the state in the country is not in the hands of a specific class or classes, Varuna remains in the hands of the entire caste.


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Definition of Diacy –
In a democracy, power is decentralized and all the power is vested in the hands of a large section of the people. According to Professor Garner – Democracy is government and government which is composed and managed on the principle that every adult citizen who is not disqualified by reason of punishment for a crime or because of his illiteracy in some countries, at least those persons takes part in the elections of the State by whose laws he shall be governed and the value of one vote shall be equal to the vote of each other in any other election.

He comes to the conclusion that democracy is a government that is owned by the people and has not been imposed on them by any customer power. The government is a democratic government, a democratic and aristocratic system, even a dictatorship addresses itself by the name of the government of the people.

Merits of a democracy

Democracy is the most recognized religion of the present era, after democracy, most countries have adopted democracy, and even the dictators also talk in the language of democracy, doing any anti-democracy is considered a political mistake, in fact, the democratic system. There are some such qualities in me, there are some such good things that make it popular. What is a democracy,

  • Patriotism
  • more government skills
  • Coordination of individual’s independence and state power
  • nurturer of equality
  • government cannot be autocratic
  • means of political education
  • opponent of war
  • development of moral qualities

Evaluation of democracy

Both the supporters and critics of democracy are in number, some consider it to be the best system of governance and some consider such inefficiency to be nutritious, so it is necessary to consider the merits and demerits of democracy.

Faith in a democracy

Modern liberalism considers democracy as the best system of governance in comparison to other systems of governance. In a democracy, the rulers can be changed easily and democracy protects the rights and freedoms of the people.

Defects of a democracy

Foster of inefficiency – This concept is strongly criticized by many scholars of the belief that each person has equal capacity to rule as others. should

Similarly, Aristotle has expressed the view that only a few people have the ability to govern, and the rest have only the ability to be governed. The ability to understand problems is equal to nothing else in him.

That’s why the critics said that democracy is a government by fools for fools. Radical partisanship is found in the democratic system.

Apart from this, which is often false, political parties promote porridge devotion in place of patriotism, moral values ​​are expected in democracy – different candidates throw mud at each other at the time of elections, spread false propaganda, and Use all kinds of tricks to get the victory.

People are misled by sly and selfish politics, truth is strangled and immoral methods are adopted. The dictatorship of the majority – Democracy is the rule of the majority. ) He adopts a dictatorial stand and starts atrocities on the minorities.


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