What legal pages should a blog have?

What legal pages should a blog have?


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We Will know, how to create a separate contact page in blogger.  In this post I will tell you about, what are the pages like Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer what should be on-site, and how to create these pages in blogger.  When my blogging was new to me, I also made mistakes, such as not making this important page on the site and focusing only on writing posts, but the page also has an important role in the site. I will tell the meaning and importance of each of the pages one after the other, knowing which you would definitely like to add to your site. But before that, I would like to tell those who do not know how to add a page in a blogger.

Login to your blogger.

First, click on ‘Page’.

Then click on ‘New Page’.

Then your page composer will open, in which you can enter according to the page. A new customer visits your site when he/she has absolutely no idea which website/blog is in the bare-about tab.  A good page must have basic points given in inches.

What topic is the website/blog bare?

Why did you create your site?

Author’s introduction.

You can also add videos to introduce the site and the author.

Social links on the page (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


What is a privacy policy page and what is it like?

Privacy Policy This is a document page where we store visitors’ information and what we do with that information is described on this page.

On general tour, when we sign up visitors to the newsletter, ebook, etc., then their name, email, etc. We provide the newsletter to them in the future.  If you are looking for the phone number or any other information, then please tell in the privacy policy why you are asking for the information of the app.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that a site or its service provider transfers through your web browser (if you allow) to your computer’s hard drive that allows the sites or service provider’s systems to recognize your browser and store certain information.  Enables capture and memorization.


Why is the app using cookies?

Just as we at Grohindi use Analytics, Adsense, Google uses cookies from visitors’ web browsers to serve relevant ads to visitors and to help enhance the user experience of our site by using analytics cookies.

 Privacy policy page is created for the site whose niche (topic) apk matches the site, follow the privacy policy of 2-3 sites so that you can help me like the privacy policy of your site.


What are the Terms of Use page?

This means certain terms of use of your website and your guidelines User must agree to use your site, this is a legal agreement between you and the user called the Terms of Use / Terms of Service.

In this, you can state that the logo, any media file, post is your intellectual property and your copyright. It is against the terms of the site to abuse, harass or make religiously offensive remarks while commenting. If you provide any service on your website, then this page can tell you its rules. e.t.c..

The Terms of Use page is not required to be on the site like the Privacy Policy page has to be.

What is a disclaimer page and what is it like?

The meaning of the disclaimer page is to give a statement on which your users do not claim. With this, we can say to give a war of strings, for example, if you have a mobile specification site in which you have the features of the smartphone, your disclaimer to the users can be something like this, 

Disclaimer.  We cannot guarantee that the information on this page is 100% accurate.  You should visit the official website of mobile to verify our information.  Sometimes the information is recently updated on the official page, it may be missed on our site. If your site offers Ayurvedic tips, its disclaimer page might be something like that.


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