Pc Part Picker in Australia

Pc Part Picker Australia

Pc Part Picker Australia:- Pc Part Picker is the website where you can get help to build your own computer. Where you can select the parts for your computer and buy them once, you can filter the price for your budget.

Introduction: PC Part Picker Australia

Pc Part Picker Australia
Pc Part Picker Australia

Building a custom PC that meets your unique wants and tastes has grown in popularity among tech-savvy people in Australia due to the ever-changing nature of technology. However, sifting through the enormous variety of PC components on the market can be a difficult chore. The “PC Part Picker Australia” useful tool can be used in this situation.

An effective online tool called PC Part Picker was developed in Australia to make the process of creating the computer system of your dreams simpler.

This program offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to select, compare, and organize a variety of PC components, such as processors, graphics cards, motherboards, memory modules, storage devices, and more, whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or a novice builder.

The vast compatibility database, real-time price tracking, and collaborative features of PC Part Picker, which all contribute to a flawless and stress-free PC building experience, are just a few of the many advantages that will be covered in this article.

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What is Pc Part Picker?

An online tool called PCPartPicker helps computer hobbyists create unique desktop PCs. Component selection, compatibility testing, price comparison, and build lists are all accessible through a user-friendly interface. CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, RAM, storage devices, and power supplies are just a few of the numerous hardware components from which users can select.

An additional compatibility checker is provided by PCPartPicker to guarantee seamless compatibility. Users get access to comprehensive component information, may make and store various build lists, share builds, and participate in discussions regarding PC-related issues. Users can export and buy parts using PCPartPicker as well.

What is Pc Part Picker Australia?

Pc Part Picker Australia
What is Pc Part Picker in Australia?

An Australian website and mobile app called PCPartPicker assists customers in creating their own personal PCs. It offers a thorough list of computer components from different Australian suppliers, together with prices and compatibility details.

Users can explore, pick out parts, put them on a list, and then compare pricing from other sellers. In addition, PCPartPicker offers several tools and resources, like build manuals, compatibility checkers, and price alerts, to assist users in putting together their systems.

PCPartPicker is a well-liked tool for both inexperienced and seasoned PC builders. It is a terrific way to shop around for computer part discounts and price comparisons. A useful resource for learning about computer hardware and how to build a computer is offered by PCPartPicker.

I strongly advise utilizing PCPartPicker if you intend to construct your bespoke computer in Australia. It is a useful tool that can enable you to construct a computer that is ideal for you while also saving money.

Who Made PC Part Picker?

Philip Carmichael - Owner/Founder Of PC Part Picker
Philip Carmichael – Owner/Founder Of PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker was created by Philip Carmichael. He developed the website as a tool to help PC enthusiasts and builders easily select compatible computer components and plan their custom PC builds. Since its inception, PC Part Picker has become a popular resource for individuals looking to build or upgrade their own PCs, and it continues to be a valuable platform for comparing prices, compatibility, and user reviews for various computer hardware components.

Pc Part Picker Australia Build Guides

By default, PCPartPicker targets the US market, but it offers a range of build guides that you can filter by budget and intended use (gaming, streaming, home office).

Although PCPartPicker doesn’t have a section just for Australian builds, there are a few places you can find build guides specific to the Australian market, Community Forums, Users can discuss builds and exchange ideas in the forum section of PCPartPicker. Try looking up “[Australia] Build Guides” or “[Australia] Gaming PC” in the forums.

This could take you to some user-made manuals with parts prices listed in Australian dollars and possibly even suggestions for Australian shops. Australian Retailers: A few Australian websites, such as Umart, Mwave, or PCCaseGear, sell PC parts. You can find build guides and suggestions there.

These are designed with Australian availability and pricing in mind. Even though PCPartPicker doesn’t have a section specifically for AU builds, using the techniques mentioned above should help you locate the materials you need to begin building your PC in Australia.

Pc Part Picker Australia Price List

  • PCPartPicker: A Comprehensive Tool for Finding Best Deals on PC Parts in Australia
  • Visit PCPartPicker Australia: [AU] PCPartPicker.
  • Browse parts lists or create your build.
  • Automatically shows pricing and availability from Australian retailers like Centre Com, MSY, and PLE Computers.
  • Additional features: Prices by Merchant, Part Picker Price Trends.
  • Price fluctuation is advised; check the latest deals before purchasing.

What does PC Part Picker do?

A website and online platform called PC Part Picker offers resources and tools to assist users and PC enthusiasts in designing, customizing, and constructing their computer systems. It offers price comparisons from numerous stores and streamlines the process of choosing suitable components, making it a useful tool for consumers wishing to construct or upgrade their desktop PCs.

The following are some of PCPartPicker’s main attributes and features:

  • Checking component compatibility: PCPartPicker gives customers the option to select components such as CPUs, motherboards, GPUs, RAM, storage devices, power supply, and more. The platform checks for compatibility concerns as users choose components, ensuring that the parts will function together without any problems.
  • Price Comparison: The platform collects prices from several online merchants and displays them in one place for consumers to compare the components they’ve chosen. Users may get the greatest offers and save money on their PC setups thanks to this.
  • Build instructions: For different budgets and use cases, such as gaming PCs, workstations, or home theatre systems, PCPartPicker offers a variety of build instructions and sample setups. Users who want to build a PC but are unclear about where to begin might use these guidelines as templates.
  • User Builds and Reviews: Using the platform, users can produce their PC builds and distribute them to the community. They can also write evaluations and offer input on the parts they’ve used, assisting others in making wise choices.
  • Filters for compatibility: PCPartPicker provides sophisticated filtering features that let customers narrow down their component selections based on particular factors like price, brand, compatibility, or performance.
  • Build Price Tracking: Users can easily stay under their budget by keeping track of the overall cost of their PC builds in real time as they add or remove components.
  • Compatibility Notes: To ensure that users are informed of any concerns or specific considerations while designing their PCs, the platform offers helpful compatibility notes and warnings.
  • Integration with Retailers: To make it simple for consumers to finish their purchases, PCPartPicker frequently offers direct links to buy components from different online retailers.

PCPartPicker offers a user-friendly interface, compatibility testing, price comparisons, and a helpful community of PC enthusiasts to streamline the process of designing and constructing a custom PC. It’s an important tool for both novice and expert PC builders who want to build the perfect computer system.

Does PC Part Picker build your PC?

No, PCPartPicker (PCPP) does not build your PC for you. Its primary function is to help you select compatible parts and compare prices across different retailers, but it’s not involved in the actual assembly process.

Here’s a breakdown of what PCPartPicker does:

What It Does Do?

  • Part selection: You can browse an extensive database of computer components and add them to your build list.
  • Compatibility check: It automatically checks for potential compatibility issues between different parts, like size, power requirements, and socket types.
  • Price comparison: It compares prices from various retailers for each part and shows you the best deals.
  • Sharing & discussion: You can share your build list with others and participate in community forums for advice and discussions.

What it doesn’t do?

  • Physical assembly: PCPartPicker is purely a software tool and can’t physically assemble your PC.
  • Selling parts: It’s not a store and doesn’t sell any computer components directly. You need to purchase them from the listed retailers yourself.
  • Installation & setup: Once you’ve purchased the parts, you’ll need to handle the assembly, operating system installation, and software setup yourself.

If you’re interested in building your PC, PCPartPicker is a valuable resource for choosing and comparing parts. However, you’ll need to find someone to build it for you (a friend, a local computer repair shop, or yourself) or learn how to do it yourself.

How many PC parts are there?

Several essential components make up a typical personal computer (PC). These components include:

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU): The brain of the computer that performs most of the calculations and executes instructions.
  2. Motherboard: The main circuit board that connects and provides communication between various components of the PC.
  3. Memory (RAM): Random Access Memory is used for temporarily storing data that the CPU is currently working on.
  4. Storage: This can include a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for long-term storage and a Solid State Drive (SSD) for faster data access.
  5. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): Responsible for rendering graphics and can be integrated into the CPU or a dedicated graphics card.
  6. Power Supply Unit (PSU): Provides power to all the components in the PC.
  7. Case/Chassis: The enclosure that houses all the PC components.
  8. Cooling System: Includes fans, heat sinks, and sometimes liquid cooling solutions to dissipate heat generated by the CPU and GPU.
  9. Optical Drive (optional): Used for reading and writing CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs (becoming less common in modern PCs).
  10. Network Interface Card (NIC): Allows the PC to connect to a network, usually integrated into the motherboard.
  11. Input/Output (I/O) Ports: These include USB ports, audio jacks, HDMI/DisplayPort connectors, and more, allowing you to connect peripherals and external devices.
  12. Expansion Cards (optional): Additional cards such as sound cards, network cards, or capture cards can be added to the motherboard.
  13. Peripherals: Input and output devices like a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and speakers.
  14. Operating System: Software that manages the hardware and provides a user interface for interaction.
  15. Cables and Connectors: Various cables and connectors are used to connect components.

These are the main components you would find in a standard desktop PC. Keep in mind that there may be variations and additional components in specialized PCs, such as gaming PCs, workstations, or servers, depending on their intended use and configuration.

Is it safe to buy from PCPartPicker?

PCPartPicker is a website that helps users build and price custom PC builds. However, it doesn’t sell products directly but rather aggregates prices and links to various online retailers.

The safety of buying from PCPartPicker depends on the specific retailers chosen. To ensure a safe buying experience, verify the retailer, check for secure connections, use secure payment methods, read return and warranty policies, compare prices, read customer reviews, be aware of shipping options, and contact customer support.

By taking precautions and researching both products and sellers, you can reduce the risks associated with online shopping. PCPartPicker is a trustworthy tool for building and pricing PCs, but the safety of your purchase depends on the chosen retailers.

Is it better to buy PC parts?

Whether it’s better to buy PC parts and build your computer or purchase a pre-built PC depends on your specific needs, preferences, and level of expertise. Here are some factors to consider when making this decision:

  1. Cost:- Building your PC can often be more cost-effective than buying a pre-built one, as you have control over the components you choose and can potentially save money by selecting parts that offer the best value for your budget.
  2. Customization: – Building your PC allows you to tailor the components to your specific needs and preferences. You can select the exact CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and other components that meet your requirements.
  3. Performance: – Building your PC allows you to optimize performance by selecting high-quality components. This can result in a PC that outperforms many pre-built options in the same price range.
  4. Learning Experience:- Building a PC can be a valuable learning experience. You’ll gain knowledge about computer hardware, which can be useful for troubleshooting and future upgrades.
  5. Warranty and Support: – Pre-built PCs often come with warranties and customer support, making it easier to address hardware issues. When you build your PC, you may need to rely on individual component warranties, and troubleshooting can be more complex.
  6. Convenience:- Buying a pre-built PC is generally more convenient, as it saves you the time and effort required to research and assemble components. It’s a more straightforward option for those who are not comfortable building a PC.
  7. Compatibility:- Ensuring that all PC components are compatible with each other can be challenging, especially for beginners. Pre-built PCs are typically designed with compatibility in mind.
  8. Time and Skill Level:- Building a PC requires time, patience, and some technical knowledge. If you lack experience or time, buying a pre-built PC might be the better option.
  9. Purpose:- Consider the specific purpose of the PC. For gaming or specialized tasks, you may want to prioritize performance and customization. For general use, a pre-built PC may suffice.

In summary, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether it’s better to buy PC parts and build your computer or purchase a pre-built PC. It depends on your individual needs, budget, technical skills, and preferences.

Some people find great satisfaction in building their own PCs, while others prefer the convenience and support that pre-built options offer. Carefully weigh the pros and cons to make the choice that best suits you.

How Pc Part Picker Australia Guides to Design PC

Firstly they let you figure out how to put together a computer and guide you to build once you visit their official site.

You have a large number of options to choose from for what you are planning to build the pricing trends that way kind of plan ahead and see if maybe the price will go down.

You can save money this might be a good place to go if you are just looking for the best price.

If you are looking for a cheap price

I would suggest checking out pages and then maybe ending up getting something really good for a much lower price.

The product page is one of the most useful features. you can pick a category and then you can compare the differences between products.

Whether it be the price or performance For Example – If you get hung up with choosing between generations with CPU.

Or should I buy the current generation you can select two parts and you can compare and take a look at their ratings you can take a look at the price.

The best parts you can purchase

Black edition which is a pretty common cooler you can buy these days will perform better and more quietly than the stock cooler can get in Pc Part Picker

Intel Processor – Using an Intel processor be sure to check out great Intel gaming build

What makes Intel so exciting it’s going extremely sought-after item for gamers who can play games by setting 1080p as 6-core so it should be even faster.

Far Cry 6 – is a game that relies on the CPU to get high but the frame rate and speed of the Intel chip play a huge part with 130fps.

  • Games played
  • Minecraft
  • Call of Duty
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Apex Legend
  • PUBG

You can set an email alert in case you want to see when the price drops on the parts


I think we’re gonna go with ASROCK P450 PRO 4 sometimes they show warnings while selecting parts like – these parts have potential issues or incompatibility.

It’s gonna tell you whether or not the particular parts you’re buying are compatible.

If you are buying something you are not sure about whether or not it’s gonna fit in your case.

It’s gonna work with the particular hardware that you’re buying not aware that you can’t use an intel CPU on an AMD motherboard.

It will tell you that this way you don’t end up making a catastrophic mistake in your purchasing


When you’re looking through storage there are a lot of different types of storage and it can be overwhelming to sit and scroll through everything

If you’re willing to spend more than a hundred dollars on storage we can filter everything down between 0 to $100 and it’ll show you all options.

You can click them by sorting from lowest to highest or highest to lowest this way you can get the fastest storage.

Also can choose the capacity and between whether or not it’s SSD a regular hard drive and hard drive speed

Graphics card

Especially your graphics card is gonna be one of your biggest influential factors and performance before purchasing a graphics card. I would suggest you read the reviews.

Choose an ATX power supply for a better experience

How it’s going to factor in the price
It shows you the total price and your shipping of course you can get a promo discount total price is based on shipping.

Is there a better site than PCPartPicker?

One of the best websites for comparing PC parts and pricing is PCPartPicker, which is quite well-liked. There are a few other websites that provide comparable services, though, and some users could discover that they prefer one of these substitutes.

Newegg is an alternative to PCPartPicker. An extensive online reseller of electronics and computer components, Newegg offers a huge range of goods. You may compare prices from various shops using the price comparison option on Newegg.

Micro Center is an additional PCPartPicker substitute. Micro Center is a physical retailer of electronics and computer parts, but it also has a significant online presence.

In addition to providing a range of in-store services like PC assembly and repair, Micro Center is renowned for offering reasonable rates on PC parts.

Amazon is the final alternative to PCPartPicker. Amazon is a general internet shop, but it also offers a wide range of PC components. Although Amazon is renowned for its ease of use and quick shipping, its prices for PC parts are not always the lowest.

So, is PCPartPicker the best website available? Depending on your requirements and preferences. PCPartPicker is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a website with a large selection of goods and affordable costs.

Newegg or Micro Center might be better choices for you if you’re looking for a website with a strong online presence and in-store services. Additionally, Amazon can be your best alternative if you want the ease of quick shipment.

In the end, comparing the features and costs of each website is the best approach to choosing the one that is ideal for you. You may check user reviews to learn what other people think of certain websites.

What are the Pros And Cons of PC Part Picker Australia?

Pc Part Picker Australia
Pc Part Picker Australia


  • Complete list of parts: An extensive database of PC components from a variety of Australian merchants is available on PCPartPicker.com.au. Finding the components you require and comparing pricing from various retailers is made simple as a result.
  • Compatibility checker: PCPartPicker features a compatibility checker built-in that alerts you to any potential compatibility problems between the parts you’ve chosen. You can avoid headaches by doing this when creating your PC.
  • Comparison of prices: It is simple to compare PC part costs across several stores with PCPartPicker. You could lower the cost of your build by doing this.
  • Community backing: There is a sizable and vibrant user base on PCPartPicker that is always prepared to assist and provide guidance. This is a fantastic resource for both novice and seasoned builders.


Not all Australian shops are represented here: While there are many Australian vendors listed on PCPartPicker, not all of them are. To locate the greatest prices on all the parts you require, you might need to conduct some further research.

Shipping fees include: When creating a PC, shipping costs can be a big consideration, especially if you’re buying components from several different stores. You must account for shipping expenses when creating your build budget since PCPartPicker doesn’t include them in its pricing comparison.

Beginners may find it overwhelming: Beginners may find PCPartPicker daunting, especially if they are unfamiliar with PC hardware. It can be challenging to know where to begin because there are so many distinct parts to select from.

PCPartPicker is a very useful tool for Australian computer builders overall. It features a thorough component list, a compatibility checker, and a tool for comparing prices. Additionally, it boasts a sizable and vibrant user base that is constantly eager to assist.

Keep in mind, though, that not all Australian vendors are available through PCPartPicker, and that shipping fees can play a sizable role. In addition, beginners may find PCPartPicker intimidating.

If you’re a novice PC builder, I advise you to start by learning more about the various components of a PC. Use PCPartPicker to choose the parts for your construction once you have a basic understanding of the various components.

When planning your budget for your build, be sure to account for shipping charges, and don’t be shy about asking the PCPartPicker community for assistance if you need it.

YouTube Video A Beginner’s Guide to PC Part Picker Australia.

YouTube Video A Beginner’s Guide to PC Part Picker Australia By Rishabh Patel


In conclusion, the use of the keyword “PC Part Picker Australia” represents a pivotal aspect of the modern tech-savvy world. As the demand for customized and high-performance PCs continues to rise, this keyword serves as a gateway for enthusiasts and professionals alike to streamline their computer-building endeavours.

By incorporating PC Part Picker Australia into their search queries, users can access a comprehensive platform that not only simplifies the process of selecting compatible components but also empowers them with valuable insights, price comparisons, and user reviews.

This tool has revolutionized the way Australians approach building their PCs, fostering a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts who share knowledge, offer recommendations, and collaborate on creating top-tier computer systems.

In essence, the keyword “PC Part Picker Australia” embodies the intersection of technology, convenience, and community, making it an indispensable resource for anyone embarking on the journey of assembling a tailor-made PC in the Land Down Under.


Here are 10 short QS and As related to PC Part Picker Australia:

What is a PC Part Picker?

PC Part Picker is a website that helps users in Australia (and other regions) select and build custom PC configurations by providing compatibility checks and price comparisons for various PC components.

Is PC Part Picker available only in Australia?

No, PC Part Picker is available in multiple regions, including Australia, the United States, Canada, and several European countries.

How does PC Part Picker help users in Australia?

PC Part Picker allows users to select PC components like CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, and more, ensuring they are compatible with each other. It also provides price information from various online retailers to help users find the best deals.

Can I buy PC components directly from PC Part Picker?

No, PC Part Picker is not an online retailer. It directs users to various online retailers where they can purchase the selected components.

Does PC Part Picker have user reviews and ratings for components?

Yes, PC Part Picker provides user reviews and ratings for many components, helping users make informed decisions.

Is PC Part Picker free to use in Australia?

Yes, PC Part Picker is a free online service that users can access without any cost.

Can I save my PC builds on PC Part Picker?

Yes, PC Part Picker allows users to save their PC configurations for future reference.

Does PC Part Picker offer compatibility checks for PC components?

Yes, one of the key features of PC Part Picker is its compatibility checking tool, which helps users ensure that the selected components will work together.

Can I find current prices for PC components on PC Part Picker?

Yes, PC Part Picker provides real-time price information from various online retailers, allowing users to find the most up-to-date prices.

Does PC Part Picker provide links to purchase components from Australian retailers?

Yes, PC Part Picker provides links to reputable Australian online retailers where users can purchase the selected components for their PC builds.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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