How Does PCPartPicker Make Money

How Does PCPartPicker Make Money?

Discover the revenue model of PCPartPicker and How Does PCPartPicker Make Money? Explore affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and more.


The website PCPartPicker was created to assist users in building their computers. They serve as a tool for comparison shopping rather than making direct sales of parts. What makes them useful to PC builders is as follows:

  • Comparing prices: PCPartPicker assists you in locating the best offers on PC parts from a range of internet merchants.
  • Compatibility checking: Compatible components are needed to assemble a computer. PCPartPicker alerts you to any incompatibilities between the components you have selected.
  • Part Lists and Sharing: Using PCPartPicker, you can quickly compile a list of the PC parts you want and share it with others for comments or cost comparisons.

So how do they generate revenue in the absence of ads? PCPartPicker employs an ingenious tactic known as affiliate marketing. Even though PCPartPicker never makes a sale directly, the retailer receives a commission if you click on one of their links and make a purchase. They profit from customers using their service to locate the best offers in this way.


Pc Part Picker Australia

PC Part Picker How To Complete A Build Step By Step Guide

Who Is The Owner Of PCPartPicker And The Background Of PCPartPicker

Philip Carmichael Linkedin
Philip Carmichael Linkedin

PCPartPicker is owned by Philip Carmichael, according to LinkedIn. In addition, Carmichael is the creator of PCPartPicker, a comparison shopping website that assists users in comparing the compatibility and cost of computer components. The website was designed by Carmichael in 2011 and updated in 2015. 

In 2011, Philip Carmichael introduced PCPartPicker. With a strong interest in PC building, Philip, a software engineer, recognized the challenges enthusiasts faced when selecting parts that would work with their setups. He created PCPartPicker to streamline the parts selection, cost assessment, and compatibility assurance processes.

Because of its large component database, easy-to-use interface, and robust compatibility-checking tools, the platform gained popularity among PC builders very quickly. A thriving community of PC enthusiasts who exchange knowledge and viewpoints is fostered by PCPartPicker, in addition to providing user-generated builds, reviews, and guides.

PCPartPicker has expanded its services and features over time, including real-time price tracking, support for international markets, and integration with well-known e-commerce websites. The go-to source for anyone wishing to assemble a custom computer is now PCPartPicker.

How Does PCPartPicker Make Money?

PCPartPicker uses an affiliate marketing system to generate revenue by partnering with internet merchants like Amazon. It uses unique affiliate links on its website, tracking commissions through cookies.

PCPartPicker receives a commission on subsequent purchases made from the retailer’s website within a 24-hour window. By providing useful services like price comparison and compatible PC building, PCPartPicker benefits both users and PCPartPicker, ensuring everyone benefits.

PCPartPicker’s Affiliate Marketing System

  • Collaborates with internet merchants like Amazon to offer computer components.
  • Unique affiliate links are found on the PCPartPicker website.
  • Browsers save a cookie tracking PCPartPicker origin when clicking on affiliate links.
  • Receives a commission on subsequent purchases made from the retailer’s website within a predetermined timeframe.
  • The precise commission percentage is determined by the retailer and the product.
  • PCPartPicker’s services help users compare prices and build compatible PCs, generating revenue for both parties.

PCPartPicker’s Monetization Strategy

An explanation of affiliate marketing

Through the performance-based advertising method known as affiliate marketing, websites can promote the goods of another business and receive a commission. The summary is as follows:

  • Affiliate program: An affiliate program is set up by a retailer or service provider, who offers a commission to anyone who brings them new customers.
  • Affiliate marketer: A website (such as PCPartPicker) signs up for an affiliate program and uses the platform to advertise the retailer’s goods.

PCPartPicker and Affiliate Links

PCPartPicker makes extensive use of affiliate marketing. This is how it operates:

  • Integration: On their product pages, PCPartPicker provides links to different retailers such as Amazon and Newegg. These links are not like other links; they have a special code that tracks the person who clicked on them.
  • Tracking: The retailer’s website detects the affiliate code when you click a PCPartPicker link for a product, and your browser installs a cookie as a result. This cookie monitors your usage for a predetermined amount of time, usually 30 days.

Earning Commissions

PCPartPicker makes money through affiliate links in the following ways:

  • Qualifying Purchase: PCPartPicker receives a commission on sales made at the retailer’s website during the cookie tracking period.
  • Rate of Commission: The retailer and the type of product determine the commission rate. Usually, a portion of the sale price is involved.

Recall that there is no additional cost to you when using PCPartPicker’s links, and doing so supports their invaluable service.

Benefits of PCPartPicker

With features like visual build lists, compatibility checks, and filterable parts categories, PCPartPicker simplifies the construction process. It reduces compatibility problems, finds the best deals, offers community support, thorough specs, reviews, and user feedback, and saves money.

PCPartPicker: A Comprehensive Guide for PC Builders

Streamlines the Building Process: Provides a user-friendly interface for browsing parts and checking compatibility between selected components.
Ensures Cost Savings: Searches prices from various retailers for the cheapest options, reducing overall build costs.
Provides Informed Decisions: Offers reviews, benchmarks, and specifications for informed decisions about PC components.
Community and Support: Offers forums for asking questions, getting advice, and sharing builds.
Price Tracking and Build Guides: Provides features for monitoring price fluctuations and inspiring PC creation.

PCPartPicker Premium Features (and Donations)

PCPartPicker currently offers a free service with a robust set of features for PC builders. There isn’t a premium membership tier with additional functionalities. However, PCPartPicker does rely on donations for continued operation.

  • Free Features: PCPartPicker excels at compatibility checking, price comparisons across retailers, and part list building. These features are all available without any paid subscriptions.
  • Donations: PCPartPicker gratefully accepts donations to support the platform’s development and maintenance. If you find their service valuable, consider donating to keep it running smoothly.

How Does PCPartPicker Generate Revenue In The Absence Of Ads?

PCPartPicker uses an affiliate marketing system to generate revenue. This is how it operates:

  • Affiliate Links: A unique link on PCPartPicker directs you to a retailer’s website (such as Amazon or Newegg) when you click on a component. A code on this link indicates that you were referred by PCPartPicker to the retailer.
  • Commission on Purchases: PCPartPicker receives a commission if you proceed to purchase on that retailer’s website. It’s a tiny cut, and the precise percentage varies based on the product and the retailer.
  • No Direct Sales: PCPartPicker does not engage in direct component sales. Serving as a middleman, they assist you in locating the greatest offers and receive a commission should you make a purchase.

PCPartPicker can continue to make money while providing a clear, ad-free experience thanks to this affiliate model. Because you’re more likely to click and buy if they present the most enticing options, it also encourages them to hunt for the best deals for you.

Comparison: Reddit vs PC Part Picker vs LTT Forum

CriteriaRedditPC Part PickerLTT Forum
Community SizeLargeLargeLarge
FocusGeneral PC building adviceComponent compatibility, pricesGeneral tech discussion, PC builds
Expertise LevelVariedVariedVaried
Timeliness of ResponsesVariesQuickQuick
User FriendlinessEasy to use, but requires sifting through commentsEasy to use, with powerful compatibility toolsEasy to use, with a focus on tech enthusiasts
Custom PC BuildsCommonSupportedSupported
Price TrackingNoYesNo
International SupportYes, with country-specific subredditsYes, with support for multiple countriesYes, with support from multiple countries
Comparison: Reddit vs PC Part Picker vs LTT Forum

YouTube Video: Reddit vs PC Part Picker vs LTT Forum

YouTube Video: Reddit vs PC Part Picker vs LTT Forum By Linus Tech Tips


Pc Part Picker Australia

PC Part Picker How To Complete A Build Step By Step Guide

Where Is PCPartPicker Based | PCPartPicker Headquarters

PCPartPicker is based in Austin, Texas, United States By Wikipedia. Their mailing address is listed as 105 S Blair St. Round Rock, TX 78664 on their contact us page

Some Useful Contacts

Owner / Founder

Philip Carmichael

[email protected]

Community Manager & Technical Specialist

Ryan Marinelli

[email protected]

Relationship Account Manager

Jenny Followay

[email protected]

Data Protection Officer

[email protected]

DMCA Complaints

[email protected]

Mailing Address

PCPartPicker, LLC

105 S Blair St.

Round Rock, TX 78664

United States


Here is the Conclusion about How Does PCPartPicker Make Money?

PCPartPicker doesn’t bombard you with ads or ask for donations. So, how do they keep the lights on? They utilize a clever strategy called affiliate marketing. By incorporating affiliate links from retailers like Amazon, PCPartPicker earns a commission whenever you click through their site and make a purchase on the retailer’s platform. This win-win system allows PCPartPicker to offer a valuable service while generating revenue, and you get the benefit of a streamlined parts selection process. So next time you’re building a PC, remember that clicking those PCPartPicker links helps them stay up and running!


Q: Is PCPartPicker free to use?

A: Absolutely! PCPartPicker is a free service that helps you compare prices and build your PC.

Q: I don’t see any ads, so how do they profit?

A: PCPartPicker uses affiliate marketing. They partner with retailers and earn a commission if you buy a part after clicking a link on their site.

Q: Does that mean PCPartPicker is biased towards certain stores?

A: No! They strive for transparency and show the best deals from various retailers.

Q: So, I should always click through PCPartPicker before buying?

A: It’s a great way to support them and ensure you get the best price. But feel free to compare prices directly if you prefer.

Q: Are there other ways PCPartPicker makes money?

A: Not currently. Their primary income source is affiliate commissions.

Q: What if I don’t plan on buying anything right away?

A: PCPartPicker is still valuable! Use it for planning, price tracking with part alerts, and learning from the community forums.

Q: Does PCPartPicker benefit from more users?

A: Yes! More users attract more retailers for partnerships, potentially increasing their commission rates.

Q: How can I help PCPartPicker besides using affiliate links?

A: Spread the word! Recommend PCPartPicker to your PC-building friends and online communities.

Q: Is there anything else PCPartPicker offers?

A: They provide build guides, compatibility checks, community forums for discussions, and even user-shared build lists for inspiration.

Q: Sounds like a great resource! Where can I find PCPartPicker?

A: Head over to their website at PCPartPicker: and start planning your dream PC!

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