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What is auto blogging? How does one do it?

.Hello Friends, Welcome to This blog – What is auto blogging, Today we are going to tell you that Auto Blogging with IFTTT website.  we will explain you in a very simple language.

So through this, nowadays many people are making a lot of money through this by creating a blog, so you know very well that the more people who see your blog, the more you will earn, friends, you will be on the block. 

What is auto blogging? How does one do it?

You can publish an article by writing it. In this way, you can also do Auto Blogging, but Auto Blogging is a little different.  It is kind of like this.  With this, we can earn money without doing much hard work.  For this, you need to have complete knowledge about it. 

After that, you will be able to do Auto Blogging well.  Due to this, you have some Advantages and some Disadvantages, which we will also tell you about today.


Auto blogging, a term both integral and intriguing in the realm of digital content creation, revolves around the automation of blog post generation. In this era of rapid information dissemination, “What is auto blogging?” becomes a pivotal question.

Auto blogging leverages software tools, algorithms, and data sources to curate and publish content on a website without direct human intervention. The process often involves aggregating content from various online sources, such as news articles, RSS feeds, or social media, and then repurposing it into blog posts. These posts can cover a wide range of topics, from news updates to product reviews, making auto blogging a versatile tool for website owners.

However, it’s essential to note that auto blogging is a double-edged sword. While it can save time and effort in content creation, it may also raise concerns about copyright infringement and the quality of generated content. So, “What is auto blogging?” remains a question that warrants careful consideration for those navigating the ever-evolving landscape of online content.

What is Auto Blogging?


What is auto blogging? How does one do it?

In Auto Blogging, you do not need to write any kind of post.  In Auto Blogging, all the work is done automatically.  In Auto Blogging, the contents of any other site are updated on your website, just a little setting is required. 

Automatically from the RSS of any other site, the content of that site gets automatically shared on your blog.  If you people are thinking that the content of any other site will be updated on your website, then this content will be copyrighted content. 

Due to this Google can also shut down your website. If you use Automatic Software or Plugin, then you also get the option of editing inside it, so that you can edit your post, and your article from where you have copied, you can also link it in your article can add. 

And this is also not considered copyright, for this, a website has to be created on Blog or Word Press and a setup needs to be done on the website.

An account has to be created on the IFTTT website.  After setup, you can update the post on the blog through RSS Feed.  If you want to do auto blogging on a WordPress blog, then you people need good hosting.  You can also use VPS Server.


How to do auto blogging?

First of all, you have to create a blog in your Blog Plateform, then open it after that. Prepare the Feed Url of any website whose post you want to copy. 

You can easily find the URL Feed address of any website by adding an extension to the Get RSS Feed URL on your browser.

What is auto blogging? How does one do it?

Auto Blogging  Setup

What is auto blogging? How does one do it?

If you want to know Auto Blogging Setup, then we are telling you some tips, you have to follow them:-

1. Go To Website:

If you want to do Auto Blogging, then to do Auto Blogging, you have to first open the IFTTT website.  and enter your email id.  After this, click on Get Started, and after setting the password, sign. And the account is created.

2.  Tap On New Applets:

After clicking on this option, a new page will open in front of you, click on New Applets inside it.

Click on the option “If + This Then That, Me + This”.

In the option of Choose A Service, you have to select your blogging platform. 

Now you have to select the topic and then click on Connect button.

Select the option of Choose Trigger.

3. Select Website:

Now after this you have to allow the permission of your Gmail Account.  And out of the number of sites you have created on Blogger / WordPress, you have to select one site.  In which you want to do Auto Blogging.

4. Create A Post:

Now click on the option of Create A Post.

5. Select Category:

If you want to update the type of post on your blog, select that category.  You can get the post published automatically from the RSS Feed of another website.

6. Tap On Create Action:

After this option click on the option of Create Action button.

7. Tap On Finish Button:

When all your processes are over, then you have to finally click on the Finish button.  So it’s done, friends, you can publish Automatic posts on your blog in this way.

Advantages of auto blogging

What is auto blogging? How does one do it?

Once you have set up it, Automatic Post will continue to be published on your blog. Using it also saves your time.  If you people do not have time to write a post then this is a great way for you. 

When there are regular post updates on your blog, then your site also gets good traffic from this. With the help of this, you can also earn a good income. With the help of Auto Blogging, you can also get your Adsense Account approved easily.

Disadvantages of auto blogging

What is auto blogging? How does one do it?

If your readers come to know that you have copied the content of the people, then they will not come to read your website again. If SEO is not good on your website, then due to this your site will not even be able to rank. Google can also penalize your site. 

Due to your blog being on Blogger, you can get the post published when someone reports it. When all your processes are over, then you have to finally click on the Finish button.  So it’s done, friends, you can Publish Automatic posts on your blog in this way.


Auto blogging, encapsulated by the question “What is auto blogging?“, represents a pivotal facet of contemporary online content generation. In essence, it is the automated creation of blog posts, devoid of direct human input.

This intriguing practice has reshaped the way individuals and businesses approach content marketing, offering the promise of efficiency and scalability. Yet, it’s not without its challenges, as maintaining quality and relevance becomes paramount in the pursuit of auto-generated content.

Understanding the intricacies of auto blogging is vital for those navigating the digital marketing landscape, as it can significantly impact SEO, online visibility, and overall content strategy. In essence, the question “What is auto blogging?” opens the door to a nuanced exploration of this innovative technique, where careful planning and execution are key to reaping its benefits.


Q: What is auto blogging?

A: Auto blogging refers to the automated process of generating and publishing blog posts on a website without direct human intervention.

Q: How does auto blogging work?

A: Auto blogging typically involves using software or scripts to scrape content from various sources and then automatically create blog posts using this gathered content.

Q: What are the advantages of auto blogging?

A: Auto blogging can save time and effort by automating content creation. It can also help in maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

Q: Are there any disadvantages to auto blogging?

A: Yes, auto blogging can lead to low-quality content if not properly curated, potentially harming the website’s reputation and SEO ranking.

Q: Is auto blogging considered ethical?

A: The ethics of auto blogging can be debated. It depends on how it’s used. If used to steal content without permission, it’s unethical. If used to curate and share content with proper attribution, it can be ethical.

Q: What types of websites often use auto blogging?

A: Niche blogs, news aggregation sites, and e-commerce websites sometimes employ auto blogging to keep their content fresh.

Q: Can auto blogging generate original content?

A: Auto blogging primarily relies on existing content from other sources, so it doesn’t generate truly original content.

Q: How can one ensure the quality of auto blog content?

A: Quality can be improved by setting strict content filters, reviewing and editing auto-generated posts, and giving proper attribution to sources.

Q: Is auto blogging still popular in 2023?

A: The popularity of auto blogging has decreased over the years due to search engine algorithm updates and a focus on high-quality, original content.

Q: Are there any legal concerns associated with auto blogging?

A: Yes, auto blogging can raise copyright and plagiarism concerns if it copies and publishes content without proper permission or attribution.

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