Adsense Manual Ads vs Auto Ads Updated (2023)

Adsense Manual Ads vs Auto Ads Updated

If you also want to use Adsense ads in your blog, and if you are confused between Adsense Manual Ads vs Auto Ads then don’t worry!

Because today we are going to discuss the basic difference between Adsense, Manual Ads, and Auto Ads, and I’m going to tell you which one you should finally use in your blog.

Manual Ads: 

In manual ads, you have to paste the Adsense ads codes manually into your blog. 

Example: If you want to show Adsense ads in the header or footer of your blog, then for this you have to generate ad code and paste that code into the header or footer section of your blog. In this way, you can use Adsense manual ads in your blog.

Best Practices to Use Manual Ads: 

  1. You should use Manual ads in your block in such a place where you are not showing your auto ads.
  2. Place the ads where you think it’s important to show AdSense ads and get some clicks.
  3. Also, place the ad codes in a spot where you think people will interact more.

Benefits of Using Manual Ads.

  • You have full control over the placement of ads, you can place where ever you want to show ads.
  • Can place ads in spots where the auto ads don’t show ads, like header, footer, or sidebars.
  • Also, it doesn’t affect the speed of your website.
  • Most important it shows High CPM ads, so even if you won’t get clicks on your ads then also you will earn some money from it.


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Disadvantages of Adsense Manual Ads

On the other hand, if we talk about the disadvantages of manual ads, then you have to face the following disadvantages.

  • This may lower your ad clicks too.
  • The first and biggest disadvantage is that you have to manually monitor the manual ads, on which ads code the clicks are coming, and where they are not coming.
  • Time-consuming as you need to place the ads manually.
  • Also, when the CTR of your Adsense increases, then in such a situation you have to remove or pause those ads code manually. 
  • Using this ad code does not make much difference in the ads quality of your blog, because it is not AI-based.

Auto Ads 

On the other hand, if you want to use auto ads in your blog, then it’s very easy and you don’t need to do much for that.

For this, you have to go to the ads section of your Adsense account, and from there you need to turn on the auto Ads.

Just after that Adsense ads show start on your blog. And by using it, you do not have to manually monitor the ads of your own blog.

Best Practices to Use Auto Ads: 

  1. The most important thing about auto ads is that it is AI-based, which analyzes the users of your blog and shows ads, and helps in increasing your Adsense earnings.
  2. Don’t use more than 3 – 5 Ads on a single page, you can adjust this in the ad load section.
  3. Try to add a Multiplex ad on your page as it will help you to get a high CPC, but it’s not guaranteed that you will get a high CPC, as the niche and keywords also play an important role in it. You can check out some High CPC niches and some High CPC Keywords, to get a boost in your Adsense earnings. 
  4. And as the auto ads of Adsense get old on your blog, it will automatically start showing the best quality ads on your blog. 

Benefits of using Auto Ads.

  • You can turn auto ads on and off with one click only.
  • It is AI-based, which analyzes the users of your blog and places ads.
  • As auto ads get old on your blog, it will increase your Adsense earnings.
  • When AdSense CTR increases on your blog, then you can close your ads in just one click. So that your Adsense will be saved from getting ad limits.

Disadvantages of Adsense Auto Ads

On the other hand, if we talk about some disadvantages of Auto ads, then by using its ads, you may have to face the following disadvantages.

  • Using Auto ads can increase the number of ad impressions on your blog. Due to this, there is always a risk of increasing the CTR of your Adsense.
  • The increase in the number of ads will slow down your blog, which may also affect your ranking in SERPs.
  • There is a higher risk of getting ad limits in auto ads than in manual ads if you do not monitor your CTR.


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Final Words and Personal Opinions

Alright, In this way, you can easily differentiate between Adsense Manual Ads vs Auto Ads by looking at their disadvantages and advantages, and which ads you should ultimately use in your blog.

I am using Adsense for more than 4 years on my different blogs, and in my opinion, I would suggest using both of them.

What you can do is use only Anchor and Vignette Ads in auto ads, create display ad units in your AdSense account, and place those ad units between your pages, sidebar, header, and footer section.

I personally place display and in-article ad codes between 300 to 400 words in my blog posts, and on the sidebar, I have added a multiplex ad code for more clicks and earnings.

But yes I’m not using the auto ads as my main revenue source is affiliate marketing, so I don’t want to annoy my blog readers with those ads, and also a single affiliate revenue is more than a single Adsense ad click.

So like this, you can use both auto and manual ads on your blog and it will surely help you to increase your Adsense revenue too.

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