What is Corona Virus and its symptoms

What is Corona Virus, what are its symptoms, and what are the ways to avoid it?

As we all know that there is a chronic disease that is spreading continuously all over India its name is coronavirus. Today we will know about what is Coronavirus. How it is harmful to us. What are the causes of this disease? How can we prevent Corona Virus?


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Corona Virus is a microscopic virus that can cause a variety of infections, such as shortness of breath, cold, fever, and cough, to any person when exposed to it.
 This virus can spread from person to person in many ways, so-called this virus was first found in China and after seeing virus.
 It spreads all over the world in such a way that millions of people lost their lives, the World Health Organization(WHO) has declared it a pandemic because of Corona Virus.
 Corona Virus is a very dangerous virus, which is spreading very fast, that is why it becomes the duty and responsibility of every person to take this disease seriously.
 Understand and follow the rules given by doctors.

 So far no country has been able to make a medicine to prevent this disease, only some developed countries have been able to make a medicine to reduce the symptoms of this epidemic.
 And to avoid this epidemic, globally we are helping each other in every way, such as giving each other medicines or financially.

 Symptoms of Corona Pandemic
 1. Shortness of Breath
 2. Cold
 3. Fever
 4. Pneumonia
 5. Kidney Problems
 6. Diabetes
 7. Asthma
 8. Flu ………… etc.

 Prevent from the spread of coronavirus symptoms
 1. Be less in contact with each other.
 2. Wash hands frequently with soap.
 3. Use the Mask.
 4. Don’t shake hands with each other.
 5. Use sanitizers in which the alcohol content has been decided by experts.
 6. Maintain at least one-meter distance in public places.
 7. Minimize the use of public vehicles like buses, autos, taxis, and trains, etc.
 8. Eat only home-cooked food in which green vegetables are used more.
 9. Use fruits and medicines etc. to increase immunity.

 Now many developed and developing countries have made many types of medicines that have been successful in increasing the immunity of the human body, such as
 At present, two types of medicines are more prevalent in India.
 1. Covidshield
 2. Cowin
 Medicines made by experts, which help us to reduce the symptoms of Corona Virus, should be given by experts only.

 These medicines are being given free of cost by the Government of India in every Government Hospital, Health Center, and all Government Schools, which can be used by every person.

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